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How is it built?

Constellations is built by @fabienpenso entirely in Rust with tendermint-rs, backed with Posgresql and hosted on bare metal servers for optimum performance. It fetches blocks live from the blockchain over websockets, and parse them instantly. When there is a latency the last parsed block is displayed at the bottom of this page.

I see spams and duplicates

There is no filtering and what you see is what's on the chain, including fakes or spammy collections. Do your own research and don't buy NFTs you're not sure about.

Love what you're doing, how can I help?

One way to help is delegating your stars to our validator (pen.so). You can also send me feature requests and ideas.

Is an API available?

A GraphQL API is now available, go read the documentation.

Will it be open source?

There is no plan to make it open source for now but it might change in the future.

How do I contact you?

Please use @fabienpenso on Twitter.

How is dollar prices calculated?

We use coingecko for the price of stars at the day of the transaction/block and applied that to all archive. This is why the same stars amount might have a different related USD price if they happened at a different time.

We think it gives a more accurate result.

What NFT types do you support?

Images only for now.

When was it deployed?

Deployed d0139e9a at 2023-05-25 17:46:00 UTC