Interchain Community Badges are a celebration of Cosmos Communities. In collaboration with Bad Kids, ohhNFT celebrates this incredible community. Each badge can be minted into your final Owlies character to boost the cards over all stats. Plus while collectors wait to mint the badge, this NFT can be staked to earn the $STRDST token! Dual Utility NFT.
Age 10 100%
Badge Type Interchain Community 100%
Badness 150 100%
Boost Percent 3 100%
Boost Type All 100%
Brains 84 100%
Community Bad Kids 100%
Eyes Dots 100%
Mouth Missing Teeth 100%
Nose Boxy 100%
Skin Golden 100%
Status OG 100%

Total Rarity Score: 12

This token has no rarity. All tokens have the same rarity score.

ohhNFT Bad Kids

Collection: ohhNFT Presents: Bad Kids Interchain Community Badge

Minted a year ago by stars1lv..r67h. Currently owned by dimi.stars.