Your pass to a coverted mutant dog. Hold for the release and be rewarded with riches beyond your most mutated toxic dreams.

TDH Mutant Bone 100%

Total Rarity Score: 1

This token has no rarity. All tokens have the same rarity score.

TDH // Mutant Bones #384

Minted by stars10v..npls 2 weeks ago. Owned by stars1wk..vlwq. Collection stars14f..cg7c.

Event From To Block Tx
[2023-03-17 07:32:15] mint - - stars1wk..vlwq 7350677 9343..d7bc
[2023-03-17 07:32:15] airdrop - - stars10v..npls stars1wk..vlwq 7350677 9343..d7bc