ohhNFT.com Presents: The Watchers, Protectors of the Interchain

Instantiated by stars1gh..hlpm 10 months ago at #5718826. Address: stars15j..vjf6. Minter: stars1lk..jl6g. Symbol: OHHNFT. Royalties: 0%. Contract: crates.io:sg721-updatable.

6888 NFTs. 77.32% airdropped. 22.68% minted. 5326 airdropped. 1562 minted. 27 for sale. 814 burned. Floor price: 5000. IPFS.

Owlies Hoothouse Club is an interoperable collection of 8,888 unique cyberpunk Cosmos themed Owlies NFTs. OhhNFTs are a membership pass to the Owliesverse & the broader Metaverse! ohhoot

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Filtering for trait Face Gear equal Common Face Gear 10
The Watchers #6883

The Interchain Protectors
Rarity #3868/6888