4321 Owl Stars taking Stargaze by storm. They started as a reward for holding a Shadys Egg NFT, but soon took on a life all of their own! Be part of the Owl Star movement!
Background Parallel Lines 1.6%
Beak Red Glow 6.23%
Body Bubblegum 1.02%
Chest Pin Stripe 2.57%
Eye Angry 7.66%
face White 3.36%
Head Horns 1.9%
Holding Telescope with Alien 0.51%

Total Rarity Score: 507.78

Rarity: #558/4321

Shadys Owl Stars #1562

Collection: Shadys Owl Stars

Minted 4 months ago by shadyssquad.stars. Currently owned by stars1ug..d8sd.