Title Cats From Outer Space!!! Gen2
Contract catsfromouterspace2.stars (IPFS)
Minter stars12x..wqdu
Type crates.io:sg721-base
Instantiated by kittiesprinkles.stars
Instantiated Date 8 months ago (2023-03-17 02:03:55) at #7347323
Symbol CFOS2
Royalties 5%
Floor price 359
NFT details 769 NFTs. 122 airdropped. 647 minted. 125 for sale.

Earth ran out of treats! So with the use of sophisticated computer technology and a box of crayons, these curious cats are searching the Cosmos for extraterrestrial snacks. They met some 4th dimensional alien friends along the way that taught them how to bend space and time with an upgraded Stable Diffusion reactor.

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