Cats From Outer Space!!! Gen 2: The search for more treats. Earth ran out of treats! So with the use of sophisticated computer technology and a box of crayons, these curious cats are searching the Cosmos for extraterrestrial snacks. They met some 4th dimensional alien friends along the way that taught them how to bend space and time with an upgraded Stable Diffusion reactor

Type image/png
Size 2M
Dimension 1024x1024
Backround Planet Side 11.57%
Blood Type B+ 4.94%
Generation 2 99.74%
Hero Level Rare 24.45%
Personality Curious 4.29%
Species Cat 26.27%

Total Rarity Score: 61.080284

Rarity: #546/769

CFOS Gen2 #410

Minted by stars198..6lng 2 months ago. Owned by stars1gq..sc98. Collection stars17h..uwlc.

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