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Background Pastel Pink 4.57%
Base Body Light 16.47%
Footgears Barbarians-Boots 3.58%
Garments Yellow-Hoodie 5.27%
Hair Base Section Shroom-Canary 6.71%
Hair Front Section Hajime-Canary 7.22%
Headgears Drooping-Cat 6.57%
Mouth Accessories and Masks Ninja-Black-Half-Mask 4.39%
Shadow Shadow 100%
Trousers Summer-Trousers-1 4.23%

Total Rarity Score: 166.31

Rarity: #2908/4444

Chilled Kids #4345

Collection: Chilled Kids

Minted 6 months ago by stars1a8..yc2u. Currently owned by stars13z..m6la.