#1018 of 2222 Pixel Wizards also known as Logim Tinkerstitch. Made from scalable vector graphics, animated with CSS and made interactive with JavaScript. Logim Tinkerstitch comes with a particular interest in the XRP crypto token on which he can share his wisdom to you.
artifact Fire Element 4.14%
backdrop FFF9C9 8.64%
beard Blonde Beard 6.39%
character-shadow Shadow 98.56%
face Normal 80.56%
hat Novice Hat 4.14%
robe Apprentice Robe 9.63%
skin A 31.55%
staff Apprentice Staff 4.77%
token XRP 4.32%

Total Rarity Score: 135.44

Rarity: #2161/2222

Logim Tinkerstitch

Collection: Pixel Wizards

Minted a year ago by stars14e..9gs9. Currently owned by stars1cr..7hg8.

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