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Hello, You're probably wondering 'WTF IS THIS?' or you're probably like 'Wow! Cool NFT. I wonder who airdropped this to me and why?' Well let us introduce ourselves, our name is HYAIPE. We are here today to ask YOU to VOTE!! Vote for what? VOTE FOR HYAIPE! HYAIPE is running for the Community Vote to be featured on the Launchpad. Now why should I vote for HYAIPE? • Cool utility and cool NFTs. • WL, Airdrops and all the cliché things 'NFT Projects' do. • We <3 Stargaze. Why should I not vote for HYAIPE? • AI project • Not real art Wow you got me, I would love to vote for HYAIPE! ....but HOW? Requirement for community voting: • Must Be In Stargaze Discord • Must Be Cool • Must Have 5k STARS Staked (Cool people activities) Go to following link to learn how to buy or swap $STARS: Go to following link to stake: Go to the following link join the Stargaze Discord: 1. Join the Stargaze Discord and verify your wallet via Starry Bot to gain the role to enter the gated channels. To receive the role verify on the #join-starrybot channel. 2. Go to #community-vote channel. 3. Vote HYAIPE. 4. Screenshot your receipt ballot showing you voted for us. 5. DM us your $STARS address + receipt. 6. Receive a exclusive promo NFT + be entered into giveaways regarding the collection. ** We are not promising anything more than a promo NFT & a chance to win other digital assets. If you consider this SPAM, burn this NFT to enter a exclusive giveaway. **WE STILL ADVISE EVERYONE TO DYOR NFA NFA NFA Discord: Twitter: Instagram: Website:
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☆ 'Snooze You Lose' ☆

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