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Celebrating the end of season 1 of the nopixel canvas! This banner is not just nice looking, it also grants WL to an upcoming collab collection between Treko Labs and the SKWAD. A smol 1:1 collection, so there may be more WL spots than NFTs ^^. Featured projects from left to right: smolduckz, smoldogs, Horizons Unbound, Cutie Rawrz, Starty, The WadSquad, pajon, Sunnyside Reapers, BlockCuties, Stargaze Kingdoms, Mujin 無人, Women From Cosmos, Pixel Vans, Flying Duckz.
By Pajon x Treko Labs 100%
Origin 100%

Total Rarity Score: 2

This token has no rarity. All tokens have the same rarity score.

SmolSkwad Beach Trip

Collection: SmolSkwad Beach Trip

Minted 10 months ago by pajon.stars. Currently owned by votor.stars.