These quirky little Flavorz have banded together to spread candy-coated chaos throughout the Interchain. Add some color to your wallet and savor the flavor with Flavor Saviorz! Collection Perkz: 30K $STARS in Rafflez throughout the mint alongside Bonus NFT Airdrops to Mythic Flavor minterz(1 Flavor Savior=1 Raffle Ticket). 50% of the Royalties will be used to Buy&Burn the Floor and at least 50% of the Profit will be delegated to Community Validatorz. Holderz will also be auto-whitelisted for future PlanZ Collectionz

Character Flaw Naive 4.5%
Design 1/1 PlanZ NFT 100%
Favorite Flavor Peanut Butter Cheesecake 0.16%
Flavor Pointz 7600 10.18%
Personality Humble 6.93%
Rarity Common Flavor 55.3%
Strength Emotional 3.29%
Weakness Illogical 3.29%

Total Rarity Score: 748.87085

Rarity: #474/2555

Flavor #1982

Minted by stars1er..ny29 4 days ago. Owned by stars147..5pyv. Collection stars1av..tlad.

Event From To Block Tx
[2023-03-19 10:47:20] transfer_nft - - stars1tx..ctsy stars147..5pyv 7382080 cc7e..4b68
[2023-03-19 10:43:43] airdrop - - stars1er..ny29 stars1tx..ctsy 7382044 c492..320a