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Type image/png
Size 10M
Dimension 6969x6969
False Cosmos King of Kings False Cosmos King of Kings 0.02%
Stares at the Ground Stares at the Ground 0.02%

Total Rarity Score: 8016

Rarity: #1/4008

Nekts Jen Noob #3989

Minted by stars1c7..n5ju 4 months ago. Owned by stars1w7..cepd. Collection stars1c8..azjj.

Event From To Block Tx
[2023-05-19 06:34:40] mint - - stars1w7..cepd 8275538 a1b5..9b6a
[2023-05-19 06:34:40] mint 55 $1 stars1w7..cepd 8275538 a1b5..9b6a