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3333 Lonely Astros band together to save the world. A story based art project told through multiple mediums
Accessories None 96.01%
Background Desert Planet 0.99%
Backpack None 51.67%
Eyes Blue Eyes 11.7%
Face Skull Cyberpunk 3.39%
Gear Cool Oni 2.97%
Hair Short Platinum Dreads Fade 2.16%
Helmet None 41.79%
Skin Scarred Olive Skin 10.29%
Special None 94.45%
Suit Space Samurai Crimson 1.44%

Total Rarity Score: 304.58

Rarity: #2099/3333


Collection: Lonely Astro Club

Minted a year ago by stars1rt..s22x. Currently owned by stars1gq..sc98.