MELTING WOMEN - A WFC side-collection

Instantiated by stars1ha..jafq 7 months ago at #5281969. Address: stars1cq..lxr7. Minter: stars1zq..lsvc. Symbol: MW. Royalties: 10%. Contract:

10 NFTs. 0 airdropped. 10 minted. 1 for sale. Floor price: 55555. IPFS.

When 1/1 art meets Music NFT everything becomes magical. MELTING WOMEN expands the WFC universe to a darker area where you can dive deep into the spirit of Halloween. They're psyco, they're spooky, they're coming IN HOT!!

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#001 Nebula

I'd be really careful. She may look quiet, but her mental power is extreme. She ...
No rarity

#002 BETTY

Betty is our official deadfrenz. A bit psycho, she loves playing with fire. Clic...
No rarity

#003 Lilibeth

Lilibeth is the Princess of Hell. Def the one you don't want to play with.
No rarity

#004 Dolores

Dolores represents El día de los Muertos. A celebration of death, life and fami...
No rarity

#005 Melda

Melda is obsessed with death, with a deadpan wit and a morbid interest in trying...
No rarity

#006 Marika

Marika is the one who runs the connection with the other world. Always surround...
No rarity

#007 Blaze

Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infin...
No rarity

#008 Grace

Tears fall, sink ships. Life is full of tough choices.
No rarity

#009 Kiki

Someone kill me once, but I still have 6 more lives to live. The day I died was ...
No rarity

#010 Emily

Can a heart still break once it's stopped beating?
No rarity