Title Stargaze Kingdoms: Drakari Island
Contract drakari-island.stars (IPFS)
Minter stars1tq..flw7
Type crates.io:sg721-updatable
Instantiated by kingdom.stars
Instantiated Date a week ago (2023-11-21 00:06:50) at #11010531
Symbol SKDI
Royalties 5%
Floor price 59
NFT details 10000 NFTs. 0 airdropped. 10000 minted. 1326 for sale.

Discover Drakari Island, a land shrouded in mystery! The epic clash of Baddies vs Goodies unfolds with the discovery of the Drakarians! Brace for an adventure with this 10k collection with 100% DAO royalties, that will change the Kingdoms as we know them.

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