Title Pixel Chimps
Contract stars1gq..gf0v (IPFS)
Minter stars19w..x4wh
Type crates.io:sg721-base
Instantiated by pixelandia.stars
Instantiated Date 2 weeks ago (2023-11-18 22:51:11) at #10980214
Royalties 8%
Floor price 299
NFT details 2222 NFTs. 0 airdropped. 190 minted. 2032 unminted. 11 for sale.

In a digital Jungle, Pixel Chimps, a rare NFT collection, unlocks the hidden world of mischievous, pixelated primates. As collectors assemble these unique, pixelated Chimps, they discover a secret society thriving in the blockchain canopy. Each NFT holds a key to unlock new levels of the Pixel Chimps' digital realm

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