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Size 2000x2000
In a digital jungle called Pixelandia, Pixel Chimps, a rare NFT collection, unlocks the hidden world of mischievous, pixelated primates. As collectors assemble these unique, pixelated chimps, they discover a secret society thriving in the blockchain canopy. Each NFT holds a key to unlock new levels of the Pixel Chimps' digital realm
Background Pear 2.34%
Body Yellow Pass Chimp 13.1%
Cryptographic Chest Bond Stargaze 21.47%
Eyes Monocole XY 7.65%
Hand Accessories Bitcoin Bottle 4.41%
Headwears None 8.91%
Mouth Cigarette 12.69%
Outfits Hoodie 7.47%

Total Rarity Score: 123.26

Rarity: #1286/2222

Pixel Chimps #233

Collection: Pixel Chimps

Minted 7 months ago by stars1ky..djcs. Currently owned by taakin.stars.