Title Racoon
Contract stars1hs..5km9 (IPFS)
Minter stars127..g84f
Type crates.io:sg721-base
Instantiated by racoon-minter.stars
Instantiated Date 3 months ago (2023-08-28 18:19:20) at #9768962
Symbol RAC
Royalties 6%
Floor price 24000
NFT details 1333 NFTs. 786 airdropped. 0 minted. 547 unminted. 19 for sale.

Racoon's distinctive NFT collection is made of 1,333 Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated pieces of art. It was created by combining the creativity of the team's artist and the AI (deep learning) knowledge of one the founders of Racoon. The 1,333 NFTs form the Racoon NFT DAO which owns Racoon.bet.

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