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Type image/png
Size 707k
Dimension 2000x2000
Background Solid Grey 15.69%
Backpack Mini Jetpack 3.02%
Body Base Yellow 14.8%
Face Gold Teeth 11.14%
Hand accessories Dagger 5%
Head accessories Rubik Cube 3.51%
Outfit Scarf Jacket 9.5%

Total Rarity Score: 114.19216

Rarity: #150/2020

YieldBotz 2 #172

Minted by stars1xz..ljwy 2 months ago. Owned by stars1tx..ctsy. Collection stars1k0..c4yg.

Event From To Block Tx
[2023-03-14 05:23:24] mint - - stars1tx..ctsy 7305349 11db..d3e9
[2023-03-14 05:23:24] mint 800 $16 stars1tx..ctsy 7305349 11db..d3e9