Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Owlies! Each badge can be minted into your final Owlies character to boost the card’s overall stats. Plus while collectors wait to mint the badge, this NFT can be staked to earn the $STRDST token! Duel Utility NFT.

Type video/mp4
Size 52M
Dimension -
Badge Type Anniversary 100%
Boost Percent 4% 100%
Boost Type All 100%
Year 1 100%

Total Rarity Score: 4

This token has no rarity. All tokens have the same rarity score.

Owlies Anniversary Badge: Year 1 #397

Minted by stars1ea..qysh 2 months ago. Owned by stars104..4ntv. Collection stars1ka..s4y6.

Event From To Block Tx
[2023-03-25 17:12:24] mint - - stars104..4ntv 7473871 6e9e..be16
[2023-03-25 17:12:24] airdrop - - stars1ea..qysh stars104..4ntv 7473871 6e9e..be16