Born out of the Realms of Law, Light and Life; Elemental Kids have come to rule on Stargaze. They come in different Rarity levels (Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, Majestic and Diamond) that open the gates to different Kingdoms
Astrological Sign Taurus 9.5%
Design By Elemental NFTs 100%
Elemental Art Movement Impressionism 10.65%
Elemental Radiation Neutrons 16.9%
Elemental Strength Realistic 3.8%
Personality Devilish 3.45%
Planetary Coverage Uranus 9.15%
Rarity Common 50%

Total Rarity Score: 95.06

Rarity: #556/2000

Elemental Kid #545

Collection: Elemental Kids

Minted a year ago by stars1qk..gh9r. Currently owned by stars1tx..95lj.