Out of the Light and into the Shadowz. Powerful Warriorz from all throughout the Multiverse have combined forces to rid the Cosmos of vile threats plaguing the Interchain. They call themselves the Shadow Godz aka Cosmic Shadowz...It's said that those who prove themselves worthy amongst the Godz will receive something known as a ShadowDrop...
Character Flaw Childish 4.54%
Design 1/1 PlanZ NFT 100%
Power Level Over 91,000 3.27%
Rarity Epic 16.53%
Special Skill Ambitious 7.2%
Strength Virtuous 3.31%
Universe Epsilonaverse 4.17%
Weakness Rigid 3.31%

Total Rarity Score: 157.81

Rarity: #305/2444