Shadow Godz

Instantiated by stars1er..ny29 7 months ago at #6733560. Address: stars1lt..vuxq. Minter: stars1rj..k4ej. Symbol: GODZ. Royalties: 8%. Contract:

2444 NFTs. 18.04% airdropped. 34.41% minted. 441 airdropped. 841 minted. 1162 unminted. 100 for sale. 4 burned. Floor price: 110. IPFS.

Out of the Light and into the Shadowz. Powerful Warriorz from all throughout the Multiverse have combined forces to rid the Cosmos of vile threats plaguing the Interchain. They call them Shadow Godz aka Cosmic Shadowz...Collection Perks include 4 Raffles to Holderz totaling 25K STARS, ShadowDropz & Rafflez to Holderz with 50% of all Royaltiez #HODL

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