From the creator of Chaos Kidz comes Trippy Kidz...A colorful collection of inquisitive young explorers discovering mysterious new worlds as they tap into the true potential of the limitless human mind... Collection Perkz: 2 Airdropz for minting a Trippy Mythic & every 25 Trippy Kidz you mint + 30K $STARS in Rafflez to holderz throughout the mint(1 Trippy Kid=1 Raffle Ticket). 50% of the Royalties will be used to Buy&Burn the Floor. Just like with Sketchy Kidz and Demon Kidz, 10% of the Profit on the Trippy Kidz mint will be used to sweep the Chaos Kidz floor
Character flaw Suspicious 0.9%
Design 1/1 PlanZ NFT 100%
Imagination Amplifier Sherbert 1.76%
Personality Disciplined 7.12%
Rarity Trippy Common 60.08%
Spiritual Guide Pluteus glaucus 2.62%
Strength Humble 3.33%
Weakness Passive 3.33%

Total Rarity Score: 282.82

Rarity: #531/2555

Trippy Kid #1050

Collection: Trippy Kidz

Minted a year ago by planz.stars. Currently owned by nftbank.stars.