#8 of 2222 Pixel Witches, also known as Amaryllis Villalobos, is a 3rd Degree witch renowned for her eerie wisdom on ALGO. Beware the haunting sight of her flying with her Necromancer Lantern, casting fear upon those who cross her path. Legend has it that Amaryllis Villalobos's Ritual of the Spirit is shrouded in darkness. Dare you undertake her chilling ceremony? You have been warned.
backdrop 3d3419 10.22%
broomstick Necromancer Lantern 2.75%
dress Frozen Dress 3.24%
face Purple Lipstick 6.84%
hair Long Red Hair 7.16%
hat Enchanter Hat 5.27%
performance 3rd Degree 5.49%
ritual Ritual of the Spirit 10.89%
skin A 24.17%
token ALGO 3.15%
transfigure Chucky 5.76%

Total Rarity Score: 205.3

Rarity: #1454/2222

Amaryllis Villalobos

Collection: Pixel Witches

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