A collection of hand-drawn images depicting every lost soul left on Earth after the best and brightest have shed their physical forms to meet up in a glorious digital eternity.
Before Job Curator 0.27%
Class Touched 7.98%
Disposition Fickle 3.71%
Eyes Thousand-Yard Stare 6.4%
Faction Clerics 8%
Hair Buzzcut 14.72%
Intelligence Not that smart 11.31%
Luck Good 16.3%
Mouth Full Lips 3.49%
Nose Broad 16.24%
Preoccupation Futurist 5.15%
Skin Dark 29.72%
Torso Burlap Sack 1.77%
Torso Accessory Log 0.08%

Total Rarity Score: 1823.66

Rarity: #3057/9999

After the Filter #8616

Collection: After the Filter

Minted a year ago by stars1sc..vlw3. Currently owned by stars15v..tent.