A collection of hand-drawn images depicting every lost soul left on Earth after the best and brightest have shed their physical forms to meet up in a glorious digital eternity.
Before Job Information Security Analyst 0.2%
Class Gutterboi 7.82%
Disposition Sadistic 4.19%
Eyes Bored 10.46%
Faction Trash Hoarders 13%
Hair Buzzcut 14.72%
Hand Trash Bag 1.08%
Head Accessory Newspaper Hat 0.28%
Intelligence Way smarter than they look 9.52%
Legs Fatigues 0.86%
Luck Very bad 11.48%
Mouth Blackbeard 3.39%
Nose Glass Breather 0.82%
Preoccupation Egotist 6.17%
Skin Dark 29.72%
Torso Hood Vest 0.97%
Torso Accessory Tire Pauldrons 0.9%

Total Rarity Score: 1531

Rarity: #4959/9999

After the Filter #9684

Collection: After the Filter

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