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Who Are the Krusty Kritters? We are a Woman owned and led NFT collection launching November 8, 2022 on . We want to teach the world how awesome & fun NFTs can be. Wanna join the shenanigans? Check out
Background Pink Peach 9.41%
Banner Krusty Kritters Banner 2.28%
Cosmetics Cherry Purdy's Pop 0.68%
Eyewear Eyepatch Red 4.38%
Kritter Tell Me I'm Purdy 4.54%
Neckwear Ruby Pendant 4.58%

Total Rarity Score: 267.98

Rarity: #1121/7777


Collection: Krusty Kritters OG Collection

Minted a year ago by stars1td..d758. Currently owned by stars1em..fpw4.