We are Crocs of the Swamp, a collection of 2000 cocodriles that will embark on a journey to find a home here on Stargaze. The ride will be long, but surviving is a must, but wait, we won't be here alone. Welcome to our Swamp. Dare to stay...
backgrounds yellow 9.95%
eyes Lazer 9.35%
hand_wear Shotgun 12.05%
head_wear Bandana_brown 8.9%
mouth Diamond 13.45%
necklace Gold_Chain 18.65%
outfits orange 5.1%
skin trippy 11.3%

Total Rarity Score: 81.53

Rarity: #1309/2000

Crocs of the Swamp #55

Collection: Swamp Crocs

Minted 9 months ago by stars17k..dv85. Currently owned by mysteryz.stars.

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