Got Rekt in crypto because you were too bullish on the “tech”. Join the Rekt Bulls,a NFT collection of 2269 Rekt Bulls that roam through the Cosmos. Part of the infamous Rekt Gang.
Background Old Rose 6.17%
Body Green Jacket 1.54%
Eyes Hingeless Glasses 1.28%
Fur Barley 5.11%
Head Colorful Beanie Hat 2.03%
Horns Gacho 7.98%
Mouth Silly Tongue 4.45%
Nose Orbital 7.76%

Total Rarity Score: 276.06

Rarity: #1187/2269

Rekt Bulls #672

Collection: Rekt Bulls

Minted 3 months ago by rektbullsdeployer.stars. Currently owned by stars1th..727d.