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🧙‍♂️ Introducing the Mystic Frog of the Murky Woods! 🐸 Cloaked in the wisdom of the forest, this sage amphibian wields the wand of wonder, casting spells of growth and renewal. With a wise crackle and a kind eye, he enchants the woodland creatures and flora with his ancient chants. A wizard not by chance, but by choice, the keeper of the marshland's magic and mystery. 🍄✨
accessory wizard staff 0.24%
background wizard tower 0.71%
eyes brown 0.24%
features flowers 28.81%
flies 49.52%
frames 1 84.76%
frog green 43.81%
headgear wizard hat 0.24%
mouth smirk 24.05%
perch lilypad 57.86%
type frogdom 2.86%
water none 83.33%

Total Rarity Score: 1451.04

Rarity: #8/420


Collection: frogs

Minted 3 months ago by stars1wt..79uf. Currently owned by forthex.stars.