Billy Onaires Family is a collection of 250 Billy Onaires NFTs, unique digital 3D collectibles living on the Stargaze blockchain. Each Billy Onaires is unique and programmatically generated from over 100 possible traits, headgear, clothing, etc. All Billys are doped, but some are rarer than others. Future owners, beautiful things await you!
Accessory Material JOINT 68%
Accessory Name JOINT 68%
Background Material CROIX 100%
BACKGROUND Material COIN 42.8%
Background Name arriereplan 23.2%
BACKGROUND Name stargazevide 6.8%
Clothes Material TISSUECHEMISE 91.2%
Clothes Name chemise ouverte 19.2%
Eyebrows Material Matériau.005 100%
Eyebrows Name SURCILSFRONCE 46.8%
Eye Cornea Material Matériau.003 100%
Eye Cornea Name CORNED 100%
Eye Material BROWNIRIS 100%
Eye Name OEILDIABLE 8.8%
Face Name VISAGEOR.001 10%
Glasses Material VERRE LUNETTES 31.2%
Glasses Name LUNETTESOL 12%
Hat Material TISSUECHEMISE.001 32.8%
Hat Name BOB 23.6%
Jewelry Material ether.001 12%
Jewelry Name CHAINEBTC.002 12%
Mouth Accessory vide 32.8%
Mouth Accessory Material Matériau.001 69.2%
Reflection Material piedcanna 99.6%
Reflection Name PLANCANA.003 19.6%
Teeth Material grillz 100%
Teeth Name DENTS 100%
T-shirt Material CUIR 100%
T-shirt Name teeshirt.002 54%
Variant Variant 181 0.4%

Total Rarity Score: 364

Rarity: #88/250

Billy Onaires #181

Collection: Billy Onaires

Minted 2 years ago by stars1mk..tk4a. Currently owned by stars14y..900r.