Title Ghost Frenz Pixel Club
Contract stars1ww..8wrj (IPFS)
Minter stars1xm..54nm
Type crates.io:sg721-base
Instantiated by gitc.stars
Instantiated Date 2 months ago (2023-09-20 22:48:48) at #10109913
Symbol GFPC
Royalties 0%
Floor price 230
NFT details 2000 NFTs. 100 airdropped. 1900 minted. 215 for sale. 3 burned .

Welcome to the Ghost Frenz Pixel Club👻 We like to smoke weed, play with nunchucks, and just have a good time. Ghost Frenz Pixel Club is a place for all the lost souls of Cosmos to come together and be Frenz.

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