Ghost Frenz Pixel Club : We like to smoke joints, shoot guns, and play with nunchakus. If that sounds fun, you're welcome to join us!
Accessories Bag of Medicine 22.8%
Background Kujira 4.25%
Backpack None 90.2%
Beard Clean Shaven 48.7%
Eyes Basic 27.2%
Ghost White 32.7%
Headwear Headband 6.2%
Imposter Genuine Spectre 79.15%
Mouth Blank 50.05%
Outfit None 80.15%
Smoker? Clean Lungs 54.9%

Total Rarity Score: 60.27

Rarity: #1281/2000

Ghost Frenz Pixel Club #743

Collection: Ghost Frenz Pixel Club

Minted 7 months ago by stars1lm..ffy7. Currently owned by stars185..a59c.