After exploring the steamy Hidden Valley and taking a vacation to Pound Town, the Wadz have reproduced and spawned Babywadz. Some are cute, some are funny. Some even have arms! Will you adopt a bbywad?
Accessory None 78.49%
Background Wad Card Tew 0.85%
Body Lasagna 2.46%
Diaper Baby Yellow 8.98%
Diaper Accessory None 87.56%
Eyes Nice Shades 1.91%
Head None 31.49%
Hoodie Wad Hoodie 1.35%
Mouth Pornstache 2.96%

Total Rarity Score: 334.84

Rarity: #206/1994

BabyWadz #256

Collection: BabyWadz

Minted a year ago by jinxto.stars. Currently owned by stars14y..900r.