Title BadCuties
Contract badcuties.stars (IPFS)
Minter stars1m7..quzx
Type crates.io:sg721-base
Instantiated by diasdeleche.stars
Instantiated Date 2 months ago (2023-10-12 06:22:20) at #10424249
Symbol BC
Royalties 3%
Floor price 95
NFT details 1005 NFTs. 74 airdropped. 369 minted. 562 unminted. 23 for sale.

Controlled by the malevolent King Boar, the mischievous BadCuties ran amok, causing widespread havoc on the BlockCutie farm in CutieNation, their actions orchestrated by the tyrannical ruler to disrupt the once-tranquil land.

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