Segmentation Fault is a video only NFT collection, created by generating latent walk visualizations from custom trained StyleGAN2-ADA neural networks. Each piece depicts a diverse set of morphing visuals, revealing the creative potential of the underlying neural networks. A testament to the creativity of the machine when coerced by the human.

Type video/mp4
Size 10M
Dimension 1024x1024
Credits An Interchain Studio Productio... 99.99%
Frames 240 14.49%
Network Nucleogenesis 10.58%
Seeds 5 13.73%
Truncation 1.6 2.61%
Walk Type line-w 24.99%

Total Rarity Score: 66.92385

Rarity: #6266/8728

Segmentation Fault #5782

Minted by stars1l2..m0wh 4 months ago. Owned by stars104..4ntv. Collection stars1yv..63c7.

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